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Skin Care Pack

Skin Care Pack

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Beauty Bod's cosmeceutical vitamin range contains concentrated ingredients scientifically proven to help boost the skin's defences against free radicals and environmental stress, all whilst keeping the skin hydrated and moisturised. Regular use will result in a brighter complexion, less pigmentation, more even skin-tone and smoother, softer skin.

It's the perfect solution for those with any pigmentation, age spots, discolouration, or acne scarring. Our vitamin range helps fade pigmentation and brighten skin for a clearer complexion.

Suitable for all skin types.


Valued at $295, grab your Beauty Bod Skin Care pack for JUST $250.
Here's what you get:
💖  Beauty Bod Cleanser
💖  Beauty Bod Vitamin C
💖  Beauty Bod Vitamin A (retinol)
💖  Beauty Bod Vitamin E (moisturiser)
💖  Beauty Bod Eye cream

Creamy Cleanser (200mL) hydrates and restores your skin while gently removing the day's grime. The advanced complex of 6 hydrating moisturisers prevents the skin from being stripped of its natural oils, giving you clear, calm and clean skin after every wash. 

Vitamin C Serum (30mL) contains 20% vitamin C and is stabilised with vitamin E to boost the skin's defences against free radicals and UV protection. This concentrated formula is a great antioxidant that helps to brighten and even out skin tone and discolouration. Its creamy texture (ie not a sticky serum) comes from the soothing, moisturising properties of macadamia and grapeseed oils.

Vitamin A Retinol .50% (30mL) is a hydrating cream containing 0.5% encapsulated Vitamin A to promote collagen production, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and age spots and help the skin's natural regeneration process. It will also help to minimise the appearance of pore size and assist in the reduction of blemishes and acne prone skin. Regular use of this serum will result in even skin tone and a bright, radiant complexion. 

Vitamin E 15% Moisturiser (50mL) is a super nourishing cream containing 15% Vitamin E blended with plant oils and butters to fight free radicals, reduce inflammation and help to heal the skin. 

Anti-Ageing Eye Cream (30mL) contains potent peptides that target puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, whilst being ultra moisturising and calming.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Charlotte C
Love the set

Love a set that covers AM and Pm so easy to go through, just the right steps to cover everything I need. Love the vitamin E moisturiser a lot.

Great value

this skincare pack was bought for me as a gift and I just love it. It lasts along time and is great value for money. My skin is looking great too

Liezle-Ann Wiese
Dewy skin

I've been using this product for a month and I can highly recommend it. I have very sensitive skin which is prone to reacting to new products. I've had no issues with this entire range. My skin feels hydrated and dewy.....very happy customer!

Fabulous Skin

I have been using the skincare range for the last couple months and am very happy with the results. I'm 59 and my skin has really taken a shine to this product. It is hydrated and looks like I've just had a facial. It's great to find a skin care routine that actually does produce a change in my skin. It's light, non greasy and feels lovely. Sometimes I prefer not to put my BB creme over the top! I will definitely continue to use this product.

Helen D
10 years younger

This skincare range is amazing! The Vitamin A retinol and vitamin C serum have made a huge difference to the look of not only my face, but also the age spots on the back of my hands and décolletage! So moisturised, even at this the most drying time of year. Highly recommend this whole range!

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