With so many experts and influencers hyping up all sorts of trends in the skincare industry, keeping track of it all has become quite a challenge. Both simple and complicated routines are found all over the internet so for those who are simply starting out or riding the trend, trying out a little bit of everything is the only way to find out what works and what doesn't. 

We definitely understand how intimidating that can get. Don’t worry, you can start with these few simple trends that are still dominating the world of skincare in 2022.

Having the confidence to go makeup-free (or put on less makeup)

The past couple of years of being cooped up at home got women to re-evaluate their makeup preferences. Some who used to wear heavy makeup opted to tone down on the number of materials and chemicals they put on their face daily, while others who have always thrived using light makeup have found the freedom in wearing none at all, save for a few basics like a bit of a blusher, lipstick, and mascara. 

If you’re in an industry that requires you to wear makeup every day, make it a point to have some breather in between. Always make it a habit to practise proper makeup removal and cleansing at the end of the day and utilise off-work days to allow some freedom from the multiple chemicals you put on your face. 

On a side note, you can also scale up your light or no-makeup look with longer, fuller, and natural lashes. Use trusted eyelash growth serums with ingredients that both guarantee results and safety


“Dewiness” is still here to stay

“Glow skin” has always been trendy in skincare and makeup. Trends in social media have led to the increase in popularity of highlighters and other makeup tutorials that give you that glow, yet the best way to have it is to practise a proper skincare routine. Cleanse fully every day, exfoliate to remove dead skin cells which helps in promoting collagen production, and keep yourself hydrated to improve skin elasticity. You can also take advantage of brightening ingredients like vitamin C and retinol.

Acknowledging that it’s both in and out

Doing the best skincare routine that works for you is undeniably helpful, but it’s best to keep in mind that these steps and these skincare products are made to help the skin do its natural thing. Your lifestyle and what you consume are still the most vital components to promote healthy skin.

One of the best and easiest ways to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy is to stay hydrated. It protects both your skin and your body from irritation and dryness and can even prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Being kind to your skin and the environment

Skincare products that are natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and nasty-free have long dominated the trends in the industry, and it shows no signs of stopping in 2022. Products that fall proudly under those categories are good for your skin and the environment as a whole. 

Simple but effective

The days of double-digit steps for skincare routines are gone. When the industry experienced a sudden, exponential growth a few years ago, doing multiple steps every night was the trendiest thing. Still, over time, it has proven to be counterproductive and not cost-efficient at all. 

Now, figuring out what works is reduced to just a few yet highly effective steps that garner results, especially when practised every day. 

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2022 skincare trends are all about one simple idea: being kinder when caring for the skin and acknowledging that it’s not an overnight process. If you’ve stumbled upon this blog post because you’re in the middle of doing a couple of searches to see which skincare trends this 2022 would work for you, we hope you’d find something that resonates. 

What’s the best kind of skincare routine that works for you?

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