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Hair Growth Spray
Patricia Farmer

It seems a little fuller and I haven’t noticed hair falling out as frequently but I will need more time since my lashes took 8 weeks to look great

Hero Hair Growth Serum

I feel like this helped strengthen my hair some what. But was surprised it was used up in less then four weeks, I may have used a bit too much in the beginning as I had trouble applying directly to my scalp, and I need to use it on my whole scalp.
As a suggestion, instead of a dropper maybe a long thin tip where you can apply directly to the scalp or something like it as I found it hard trying to apply to my whole scalp without using too much.
Considering in purchasing a second bottle to see if it'll help grow new hair and thicken, strengthen and lengthen my hair as they are my hair goals.


Very easy to apply love it

Lash and Brow Pack
Val Beckwith
Last and brow

Ive only had the product 10 days, easy to apply looking forward to the 3 moths to see the full results

Beautiful mascara

Loved using this mascara

Long Lashes Serum (slightly imperfect) $20 OFF
It Works!

Am pleased I tried this product. My lashes are longer and stronger- wonderful!

Eye lash enhancer

I waited 30 days before I reviewed this product. Winner in terms of length of my eyelashes. I haven’t seen thickness as yet, but only 30 days in. Either way very happy with this product & will continue to use. Thank you

Skin Booster

I did some research on Vitamin C - how it is best delivered to the skin, how it is best kept active, etc. The CanGro product ticks all the boxes. I especially like the creamy texture of the product. Makes it easy to spread. It's early days, but I do think there is an improvement in my skin's texture.

New Nails

I have been recovering from Chemo & Radiotherapy this product is fantastic I had really strong healthy nails before I was ill and they are now returning , thank you .

Just Lovely.

This eye cream goes on so smoothly and absorbs quickly. Thank you can-gro.

Wow, I love it

My lashes are finally starting to grow back following chemotherapy and this mascara is certainly helping and it all natural thank you

Great product, great result!

This product definitely works!!

Excellent product

Australian owned and made with no nasties!!
This product actually works. My granddaughters are using it now also.

This works!

Great product. Gives excellent results when used daily. My eyelashes look long and healthy. I have lash lifts every 6 or so weeks and they look amazing. Continuing with the serum keeps them strong.

Long Lashes Eyelash Enhancer
Leigh-Anne van Rooyen
Amazing product

Best lash enhancer iv used

Beauty Collagen
Jessica Elliott
Fantastic product

Fantastic product

Stop Looking! You’ve found the best Mascara you will ever need!

Order was processed so quickly and in the mail the same day!

The mascara goes on so effortlessly & when it says it doesn’t clump or flake off - it is 100% correct!
It is the best mascara I’ve ever used.

And the clean up afterwards - it will stay on as long as you need & to wash it off - just warm water and a little pressure! It’s a dream to clean off at the end of the night!

Buy it! It’s amazing!

Lash and Brow Pack
Roma Galeotti
Absolutely gobsmacking

I love these products Have been using them for a couple of years and could not recommend them highly enough
My lashes have never been longer and my brows are very healthy looking
I Will keep using these products
Highly recommended

Beauty Collagen
Angela Brancatisano
Miracle collagen

I love this product! I’ve been using it for many years because I have seen the benefits of using it every day. Definite reduction in cellulite on my legs and younger looking skin.

Awesome lashes

Can’t go without my long lashes.
Love my lashes now. 👌

Long Lashes Eyelash Enhancer

Good, I like it and it seems to be working

I think this is working

First time with this product and I do think it is making a difference. I’ve had great success with their lash growth serum so thought I’d give this a go. I feel like my hair is thinning a little - a lot seems to come out when I wash it - and my last cut was quite short. I feel like it’s growing quickly and possibly thickening up. Time will tell.

Beauty Collagen
Kim Byers
Second times a charm?

I’ve previously used collagen powders from another brand and had amazing results from it but stopped taking it for a while just to try other methods but now have found myself back with the collagen powders. I chose this brand because honestly they were having a great sale and by the ingredients they should be the same as the previous one. Happy to report no taste or much change to my morning coffee maybe it feels a bit thicker but it’s barely noticeable. Have only been using the powder just under a week and haven’t felt a huge difference but I guess my bloating has reduced and I’m only slightly noticing my nails healing quicker and getting stronger and starting to grow a bit faster but with the previous one it didn’t all kick in until at least two weeks so let’s hope second times a charm with this one!

Eye Spy Pack
Kim Byers
Time will tell

I’ve been using the eyelash serum and eye masks per the instructions for just a few days so I can’t report on much for the lash serum as that takes longer but for the eye masks after the three days straight of them I did see a decent improvement and am now starting the weekly regime. I’m not sure if I’ll repurchase as I’ve realised it feels a bit wasteful when you throw them out after the 20-30 minute wait. I still have high hopes for the lash serum though and have at least noticed they are softer and overall feel better!

Great efficient service

Great service for great product.