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I have been using this product for 6 months and it is just amazing. My eyes have always been sensitive to other products, but not Long Lashes, I have no reaction at all (other than an incredible result)!! My lashes are thicker, longer and incredible. Mascara is no longer needed - my lashes speak for themselves. Love this product!

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Finally a lash serum with no nasty toxic stuff in that doesn’t irritate my eyes but delivers amazing results! My eyelashes are so lovely and long and my eyebrows have now grown back in!! Love that this product is also Australian made!

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I've been using Long Lashes for only 6 weeks and have already noticed about 3mm growth or more! My children have the most beautiful Long Lashes, and sadly they get this from Daddy! But now I am a contender in our family and also have amazing Long Lashes!

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Are You Moulting? Seasonal Lash Shed is a Thing!

Posted by Felecia tappenden on

Are You Moulting? Seasonal Lash Shed is a Thing!

It can be a scary prospect when you find that your eyelashes and brows are falling out. This is especially so when you’ve put the effort into applying serums religiously each night. Don’t fret though, as seasonal lash shedding is totally normal. It happens during Spring as the weather gets warmer.

Lashes have a cycle. They usually grow in and fall out over a period of 90 days. Each lash has their own lash cycle, meaning we can lose between 1 and 5 lashes daily. Don’t worry, because, just like the hairs on our head, these lashes grow back.

But what about Spring lash shed? You may have noticed more lash fall than normal. That’s because, as our bodies prepare for the hot weather, we lose more hair. This shedding phase is perfectly normal. It happens to other hair too - the brows and hair on our head.

As the hot weather increases, our bodies produce more oil. It is therefore vitally important to clean your lashes. You should be cleansing your face and cleaning your make-up off anyway, but now, more than ever, is a time to wash, wash, and wash again. Make sure the lashes are clean and dry before adding your lash serum. The reason? Excess oil production that is left to sit can clog the hair follicles, leading to further lash fall and even infections.

If you have noticed greater lash shedding in Autumn and Spring, know that your lashes will grow back soon. In Autumn, loss of sunlight can impact on lashes, whereas Spring is traditionally a time of moulting, just like in the animal kingdom. During the warmer months, lashes tend to hang around in the telogen phase (also known as the resting phase), meaning that lashes stay put longer. Because the lashes have been in their telogen phase during Summer, more of them enter the shedding phase during Autumn, hence why you see more lash loss during Autumn too. Both Spring and Autumn are times where you will see greater lash loss, but this only means longer lashes during Winter and Summer.

As our bodies prepare themselves for the warmer weather ahead, know that Spring lash shedding is to be expected. You’ll see the regrowth of new lashes in no time.

To help speed up the process and re-grow those long, thick, luscious lashes again, don't forget to apply your Long Lashes eyelash enhancer daily.

For more information on Long Lashes eyelash enhancer, Click here.

Author: Sarah Tottle, for CanGro

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