Ever looked into the plug hole post shower and noticed it clogged full of hair? You may have also shrieked in horror as strands of hair litter your winter jacket, looking as if you’ve been rolling around in fur. Such incidents can cause even the most robust of women to be filled with fear.

Hair loss can have a devastating effect on a woman’s confidence. We see our hair as our crown and glory; something we invest thousands in over the years. When we lose it, our self-esteem can drop. With every lost strand, the worry and anxiety only serve to create a vicious cycle of hair loss. Stress can have a detrimental affect on our skin, hair and nails. Those break outs and mouth ulcers at exam time? Yes, they’re the result of a compromised immune system that results from acute stress. The same thing impacts on our hair. Acute stress is a toxin to our body that can result in loss and breakage, with more stress and anxiety only serving to reinforce this cycle.

We all go through stressful episodes in life. While our hair and skin may be compromised, we bounce back and so does our hair. However, there are times in life where the stress lingers longer. This is known as chronic stress and results in compromised immunity, where our adrenal system and cortisol levels suffer too.

Chronic stress happens when we go from one stressor to another without a break. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we need to dodge it, and sometimes the stress lingers a lot longer than expected. At times like this, your skin and hair may be severely compromised, showing dryness and breakage. Hair may fall out too.

Stress and Hair Loss

During acute or chronic stress, many of the hair follicles may be pushed into the resting phase known as telogen effluvium. The hair follicles that have been affected, may have compromised growth or result in effected hair falling out. Stress can also lead to trichotillomania, or the pulling out of hair, both consciously and unconsciously. In serious cases, alopecia areata may result from the immune system attacking the hair follicles when the body is under acute stress. This is rare, but, nevertheless, can have detrimental consequences on a person’s self-confidence.

The good thing about stress-induced hair loss is that it may not be permanent. Often when the stress dissipates, your hair grows back. For this reason, allowing yourself some TLC is important.

What can be done?

Like with anything, rest and rejuvenation are important. They’re not just important to your emotional health, but to your physical health too. You may feel like your body is falling apart and you’re constantly sick. If this is the case, taking a life inventory is important.

Ask yourself what are the stressors in your life. If these can be removed, do so. If not, look at reframing them in a different manner. Concentrate on how you respond, and focus on refilling your tank, so that you can cope better with life’s stressors.

In terms of your hair, show it some love. Start taking supplements such as our Beauty Bod collagen powder, and nourish hair topically with our Hero Hair growth serum, designed to promote hair health and growth. Eat right, looking to boost your vitamin and mineral intake, and focus on variety in terms of nutrition.

Finally, focus on you. Take time out to recharge. You’re a human being not a human doer, and, therefore, rest is imperative. Take a break. Read your favourite book and take time just to be.

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Author: Sarah Tottle, for CanGro

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