What started as a great idea, has somehow, in as little as six months, become a global success story. CanGro started on the premise that eyelash serums should be safe, effective and able to be used by all.

As two best friends, Felecia and I both experienced lash sensitivity to another serum that contained hormones. The brand in question contained a special prescription ingredient that is usually prescribed to those suffering from glaucoma. In addition to sensitivity, there were other risks too. We just simply couldn’t find anything on the market that worked for us. They all seemed to cause sensitivity and I knew this was the case for many. We jokingly said we should make our own because of these issues.

After we started the business, we started distributing worldwide. We now market globally, not just within Australia, and we both know that many businesses don’t even get to where we are within five years. In fact, for many, they’re not even making money after a year. It is for this reason, we feel gratitude. We are now in over 20 countries. All of this from our kitchen table. 

For the full interview with Today Tonight, check out our clip here:  https://youtu.be/VRXL3Mg7NAA

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Author: Belinda Robinson, Co-Founder, CanGro


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