Properly shaped eyebrows can draw attention to your eyes and provide you with a more youthful appearance. They also look well-groomed, giving you a more polished and put-together look. Because shaping your eyebrows can create a flattering shape that frames your face, it is a good idea to learn how to shape eyebrows. Continue reading to learn how to choose and achieve the best eyebrow shape that can make you feel even more confident and beautiful.

Determine the Shape of Your Eyebrows

Before shaping your eyebrows, you should first determine the best eyebrow shape for your face. Here’s how to choose the right eyebrow shape that flatters your face:

  • Learn Different Eyebrow Shapes

Consider the different eyebrow shapes available before you start shaping your eyebrows. Popular shapes are high arch, rounded arch, straight brow, and angled brow.

  • Determine Your Natural Eyebrow Shape

You have to know how to figure out your eyebrow shape to know how to best reshape them to a more flattering look. To determine your natural eyebrow shape, hold the spoolie brush or eyebrow pencil vertically against the side of your nose, lined up with the inner corner of your eye. This is where your eyebrow starts. Then, to find out where your eyebrow ends, hold the spoolie or pencil at a diagonal angle from the side of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. Finally, to locate the highest point of your brow arch, go two-thirds of the way out from the inner corner of your eye.

  • Choose a Flattering Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

Once you have figured out your natural shape, you have to know how to find the best eyebrow shape for your face. To choose the most flattering one, consider your face shape, eye shape, and overall style.

Gather Your Tools

To make shaping your eyebrows go smoothly, it is important to have the right tools prepared. Here are the needed tools to help you achieve perfectly shaped eyebrows:

  • Spoolie Brush

Help remove any excess hairs by combing through your eyebrows in the direction of hair growth with a spoolie brush.

  • Tweezers

Choose a high-quality pair of tweezers with a slanted tip for better control as these will be used to pluck stray brow hairs.

  • Scissors

Have a small pair of scissors that are sharp and designed for cutting brow hair ready. These will be used to trim excess hairs that have grown too long.

  • Eyebrow Pencil

To fill in sparse areas with small hair-like strokes and define your eyebrow shape, have a quality eyebrow pencil ready.

  • Eyebrow Powder

Use eyebrow powder to add depth and dimension to your brows, enhancing a natural look.

Make sure to keep your tools clean and sharp to achieve optimal results. Dirty or dull tools can cause irritation and infection, so use alcohol or disinfectant to clean your tools before and after each use. You should also replace old or dull tools regularly to be sure they work effectively. With well-maintained tools, achieving the perfect shape for your eyebrows can be much easier.

Prep Your Eyebrows

To achieve a polished look, prepare your eyebrows for shaping. Here’s how to prep your brows before you get to work:

  • Make sure your eyebrows are clean and dry.

Ensure your eyebrows are clean and dry. Use a warm washcloth or gentle cleanser to remove dirt, oils, or makeup that may be on your skin.

  • Trim excess hair.

With a spoolie brush, comb your eyebrow hairs upward. Using the small scissors, carefully trim any hairs that are stray or too long.

  • Avoid overplucking.

Over-plucking is a common accident when one does not know how to shape eyebrows for beginners at home. Avoid this by using a white liner to outline the shape of your brows before you start plucking. This helps you pluck only the hairs outside of the shape you want to achieve.

You must also take breaks while shaping because staring at your face for too long can strain your eyes and make it difficult for you to see clearly. You should also step back and look at your eyebrows from a distance. Doing all these will help you make your eyebrows look symmetrical and balanced.

Shape Your Eyebrows

Once prepped, it’s time to begin shaping your eyebrows. Here’s how to achieve your desired shape:

  • Map out your eyebrows.

Map out your eyebrows by using an eyebrow pencil to draw a line along the bottom of your brow, following its natural shape. Create the arch you aim to achieve by drawing a line along the top of your eyebrow. Lastly, connect those two lines at the outer corner of your eye.

  • Achieve eyebrow symmetry.

You don’t want unbalanced eyebrows. To achieve symmetry, use your nose as a guide. Hold a straight object, such as the spoolie brush or brow pencil, along the side of your nose and align it with your eye’s inner corner. Use this as your brow’s starting point then repeat the process on the other side, making sure that both eyebrows begin at the same point.

  • Create a natural eyebrow arch.

Create a natural arch by using an eyebrow pencil to draw a line from your nose’s outer corner to the centre of your iris. This is where your brow arch should be. Make sure this does not look unnatural by not creating an arch that is too high.

  • Remove unwanted hairs.

With clean sharp pair of tweezers, pluck all unwanted hairs, which are outside of the shape you’ve created. Work slowly and carefully, stepping back to check your progress often, to make sure your eyebrows look balanced and symmetrical.

Eyebrow-Shaping Aftercare

You can help your eyebrows hold their shape by using a good eyebrow gel to keep hairs in place. Additionally, it’s crucial to take care of the skin around your eyebrows after shaping them to avoid potential irritation, redness, or infection. Here is the eyebrow-shaping aftercare you need:

  • Soothe your skin.

Use a gentle toner or aloe vera gel to soothe your skin after shaping your eyebrows to help reduce redness or irritation that may have happened during the process.

  • Avoid irritation and redness.

Do not use harsh chemicals or exfoliants on the skin surrounding your brows to avoid irritation or redness after shaping. Refrain from touching your eyebrows with your unwashed hands to prevent transferring bacteria and suffering from breakouts.

  • Fill in sparse areas.

Fill in sparse areas in your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil that matches your natural brow colour to draw light, feathery strokes to mimic the appearance of natural hair. You can also encourage brow hair growth by nourishing your eyebrows with a gentle eyebrow growth serum.



Shaping your eyebrows by yourself can be daunting. But with the proper tools and techniques, you can learn how to shape your eyebrows and achieve the perfect shape for you. Take all the time you need, work with care, and don’t hesitate to make adjustments as you go along. With the right steps, you will get the gorgeously shaped eyebrows that best frame your face and enhances your natural beauty.

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