Let's face it – Collagen has been all the rage recently but is it worth the money? Promising anything from improving your skin, hair, and nails to treating joint pain and injury.

The basic idea with collagen is that our bodies break down the powder into amino acids that stimulate collagen production where it's needed - whether that's to make the protein that keeps our hair and nails strong, in the skin to maintain elasticity, or in the joints to help regenerate cartilage.

With the likes of Jennifer Aniston and The Kardashians endorsing this miracle powder, it has to be true – right? Before you 'add to cart,' there are a few things you need to look for before purchasing.

An argument against collagen supplements is that our body doesn't know the difference between the proteins we eat and the collagen supplements we take. All are broken down into amino acids. Unless you purchase a Hydrolysed Collagen that has gone through an additional step when being manufactured, this is true. Hydrolysed or Collagen peptides are a type of collagen that has been broken down into very small fragments, so they are easily and readily absorbed into our intestines more effectively.

A systematic review of the effects of collagen supplements on skin health, published in 2020, found taking peptides consistently led to improvements in skin luminosity, hydration, and elasticity.

It's thought that by ingesting collagen peptides, we stimulate the cells (called fibroblasts) to speed up the production process and slow down the breakdown of our existing collagen.

The recommended daily dose is 5 grams of collagen per serve, preferably in powder or liquid form for gut absorption, and supplements may need to be taken for at least 12 weeks to see results. Make sure you always read the label on your collage, and if it contains other ingredients, you may need to take a larger dose to get the same effects. Many collagen powders on the market are filled with additional ingredients, including probiotics, fibers, vitamins, and fillers which dilute the collagen content.

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