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Basics Duo Pack

Basics Duo Pack

Basics Duo Pack

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    Beauty Bod's cosmeceutical Basics Duo contains concentrated ingredients scientifically proven to help boost the skin's defences against free radicals and environmental stress, all whilst keeping the skin hydrated and moisturised. 

    Regular use will help fade pigmentation, age spots, discolouration and acne scarring, resulting in a brighter, clearer complexion and more even skin tone.

    Our ingredients are AUSTRALIAN MADE, VEGAN, CRUELTY-FREE and suitable for all skin types.

    Valued at $118, grab your Vitamin Trio pack for JUST $110.

    Here's what you get:
    • Beauty Bod Creamy Cleanser
    • Beauty Bod Vitamin E 15% Moisturiser 

    Creamy Cleanser (200mL) hydrates and restores your skin while gently removing the day's grime. The advanced complex of 6 hydrating moisturisers prevents the skin from being stripped of its natural oils, giving you clear, calm and clean skin after every wash.  Apply to the skin and massage in gentle circles. Rinse thoroughly and follow with our Vit-C (morning), Vit-A Retinol (night), Vit-E moisturiser and Eye Cream. Use twice a day.

    Vitamin E 15% Moisturiser (50mL) is a super nourishing cream containing 15% Vitamin E blended with plant oils and butters to fight free radicals, reduce inflammation and help to heal the skin.  Regular use of this cream will help to fade the appearance of scars, hydrate dry skin and promote clear, even skin tone. Apply to cleansed skin, rub in until absorbed, follow with eye cream and an SPF.  Use twice a day.

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