Surely by now you already know what collagen is, how it supports hair, skin, and nails, and all the other ways it can benefit your health. The body naturally produces it but you can help the process by eating foods rich in collagen or foods that boost its production, such as chicken, beef, fish, and beans. But if you live a busy, fast-paced lifestyle, consider taking collagen supplements to ensure you increase your intake.

While collagen supplements can be topical or oral, oral collagen is more beneficial because you get all the health benefits beyond skin-deep. The best type of oral collagen supplements are hydrolysed, meaning the proteins are already broken down into bioactive collagen peptides that the body can easily absorb. Collagen can be added to any hot or cold substance (liquid or food), and we have found 6 of the best ways to take your daily collagen powder:

Blend it in your smoothies

A smoothie is the easiest way to add natural sweetness to your collagen intake and is the best if you’re always on the go. Kickstart your morning by blending the recommended measure into your favourite smoothie before going to the gym. 

Stir it in your coffee or tea

Collagen peptides dissolve easily in hot or cold water. So whether you love a hot cup or iced, you can stir collagen powder into your coffee or tea and enjoy a frothier, healthier morning beverage.

Flip it in your pancakes or waffles

Keep yourself full and energised for the rest of the day by having pancakes and waffles for your first meal. Get the most out of a fun breakfast by whisking collagen powder in your batter. You can also top your batch with fruits and nuts for an extra health boost!

Sprinkle it on your oats

Whether you like a warm bowl of oatmeal or enjoy overnight oats right out of the fridge, you can add your collagen powder before you embellish it with your favourite toppings. Enjoy a filling, fibre-rich breakfast made healthier!

Mix it in your soup

Fun collagen intake doesn’t end with breakfast. Mix collagen powder in your soup for a thicker, healthier appetiser! Just add a scoop at a time into any soup recipe until you get your desired consistency.

Fold it in your baked goods

Give in to your sweet tooth! Embed collagen into your baked treats by folding collagen powder in your batter, dough, or frosting. Enjoy healthier cupcakes, bread, or even energy bars. Want to try easy recipes? Check out our paleo and low-carb collagen choc chip brownies or collagen banana bread!

Taking collagen supplements doesn’t have to be a boring or nasty experience. With collagen powders, you can try various ways to make your collagen intake fun and delicious. 

Choose an odourless, flavourless collagen powder like our Beauty Bod Collagen for easy mixing into any food or drink. With Beauty Bod, you can choose between Beauty Collagen or Marine Collagen. It is also sugar, gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, lactose, preservative, and GMO-free, making it the best collagen powder in Australia.

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