When you’re young, your body produces a lot of collagen. It’s what keeps your hair from thinning and skin plump and wrinkle-free. However, as you get older, your body stops making as much collagen which slowly becomes evident in instances such as having drier skin or thinning hair. 

So… what is collagen?

Collagen is a protein that, along with keratin and elastin, makes up 90% of the protein in your body. Collagen helps give you healthy skin, hair, and nails. It also helps your body make blood cells and heal wounds.

Collagen is found in many foods, including meats (especially fish), dairy products (like milk and yoghurt), beans, and nuts. You can also find collagen supplements at most health food stores.

Ok, cool. But how can it promote hair growth, exactly?

Having enough collagen in your body keeps everything tight and strong—including your hair follicles. So if you want to keep your hair from thinning (or make it grow faster), then strengthening it with collagen is probably a good idea.

Collagen supports healthy hair growth by strengthening each strand from root to tip, which means it helps prevent breakage and split ends. It also encourages your hair to grow longer, stronger, and thicker—which is great if you’re trying to grow out your hair to try out some new styles or get fuller, thicker eyelashes or eyebrows!

This protein is also an essential component of our eyelashes and eyebrows. It provides structure to these tissues while keeping them strong, healthy, and lustrous. When the follicle is healthy and active, it produces more healthy cells for you to use as part of the growth process.

Anything else we should know about collagen? Is it good for other stuff in the body?

Fun fact! Did you know that there are actually more than 20 types of collagen?

There are four common ones, though, and these are:

  • Type I - in the body’s connective tissue
  • Type II - in joints and intervertebral discs
  • Type III - in the skin’s and blood vessels’ reticular fibres
  • Type IV - a protein found in the kidneys, inner ear, and the eye’s lenses 

As such, it’s evident that collagen has notable health benefits beyond looking great (who wouldn’t want smooth skin and rich hair?) Collagen also helps strengthen joints, boost the immune system, and support faster metabolism and better gut health. 

Sounds great! How can I take collagen, then?

Though naturally produced by the body, it’s also recommended to take collagen supplements or foods rich in collagen, including beef and fish. Collagen in supplements is already hydrolysed, making it easier for the body to absorb. 

These supplements come in tablets and powders called collagen peptides. The latter would make the experience more fun because it can easily blend into your favourite foods and drinks without any aftertaste! One of the most common ways to consume collagen is by adding it to smoothies, juices, tea or coffee, soups, and mashed potatoes.

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