There are many common causes of hair loss, some of which aren’t necessarily attributed to medical conditions. You might be unaware of some of these reasons for hair loss, but no worries, we’ll shed some light on some of these causes and share some ways to prevent hair loss, too!


  1. Lifestyle

Stress and lack of sleep are two common lifestyle conditions that aren’t directly associated with hair loss but can definitely be a contributing factor. Getting adequate sleep ( average 8 hours a  night) and reducing stress where possible – think yoga , selfcare and work life balance  can have a positive effect on not only your wellbeing but your general health!

There’s a thing called “telogen effluvium hair loss”, or the tendency of stress to push your hair follicles into a “resting phase” which leads to the lesser production of hair strands. It can also make hair prone to breakage even by simply brushing or combing your hair.

Needless to say, the best way to combat this type of hair loss is to manage stress and practise mindfulness exercises like yoga or meditation. You may also opt to do some personal activities like journaling, taking a walk outdoors, or even seeking professional help. 


  1. Diet and nutrition

Having a proper and balanced diet has a lot of benefits for the body, but it can also cause problems, especially if you’re consuming a diet that’s not suitable for you. It can lead to various health concerns if nutrient deficiency happens. For example, some very low-calorie diets can result in protein restriction. Lack of protein means having the body produce fewer amino acids, a vital component of healthy hair. Having inadequate protein in the body may result in brittle or thinning hair or even rapid hair loss. 

When choosing to go for a specific diet or simply preparing your meals every day, it’s always best to look into the nutritional factors and how they can best benefit you. You can also opt to have some collagen supplements on the side, which definitely helps promote proper and healthy hair growth.


  1. Harsh products

You may or may not be aware of this, but many highly advertised hair products may contain harmful ingredients that can cause more harm than good to your hair. In fact, some types of brushes and combs may also be harmful to your hair type. 

These may seem trivial and quite often overlooked, but if you’d really like to care for your hair more and prevent hair loss or damage, it’s best to purchase products that are guaranteed safe – if not for all hair types, at least for yours. 

Keep an eye out for vegan hair care products and hair growth serum that are sulphate and phthalate free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and petrochemical free. With these out of the way, the product is guaranteed to be ideal for frequent use. 

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