Everyone wants longer and thicker eyelashes. While eyelash extensions are an instant solution to get the desired dramatic look, they are costly and super-high maintenance. As they are synthetic, they also take getting used to. This is why many turn to a more natural option to achieve that fluttery effect: eyelash serums.

With correct and regular use over a period of time, lash serums offer superb growth and volumising results. However, some find out that their eyes are sensitive and prone to irritation when lash serums, among other cosmetic products, leave their eyes itchy, red, and irritated.

Ingredients to Avoid in Lash Serums

Many lash serums contain ingredients that are too harsh for delicate eyes such as the hormone prostaglandin. Aside from burning, stinging, itching, and eye pain, prostaglandin comes with side effects like eyelid drooping and inflammation, darkening of the iris and the skin around the eyes, and blurring of vision.

Other ingredients you should avoid when choosing lash serums for sensitive eyes are PEGS, sodium benzoate with ascorbic acid, potassium sorbate, triethanolamine, boric acid, and sodium borate. While we want to achieve longer, fuller lashes, we do not want to get them at the cost of more problems.

As delicate peepers can easily sting, itch, and become inflamed, finding the best lash serum for sensitive eyes is a challenge. The good news is that there’s finally an eyelash serum that can help sensitive eyes achieve longer, thicker eyelashes without irritation!


The Best Lash Growth Serum for Sensitive Eyes

For sensitive eyes, using natural and vegan products is the way to go. CanGro’s vegan and cruelty-free Long Lashes Eyelash Enhancer was formulated especially for sensitive eyes.

The composition of its naturally-derived, science-backed active ingredients makes sure there is no risk of inflammation or infection while your eyelashes are strengthened, nourished, and repaired. With peptides, vitamins, and antioxidants that help stimulate and condition your lashes, they can be longer, thicker, and fuller in just 4 to 8 weeks!

This lash growth serum for sensitive eyes is easy to use. Just apply it to your upper lash line where the roots of your lashes meet your eyelid. Allow the serum to seep into your lash follicles. Just make sure your eye area is clean and dry before using Long Lashes. Apply the serum daily either in the morning or at night.

When choosing a lash serum, sensitive eyes are something to factor in. CanGro’s Long Lashes Eyelash Enhancer is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It’s also free of gluten, hormones, parabens, palm oil, petrochemicals, sulphates, and phthalates. It’s definitely the best lash serum for sensitive eyes in Australia.

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