With the past few years of lockdowns and never-ending social distancing, your beauty routine may have gone a little pear-shaped, and you’re wondering what to do. Well, fret no more, as we have the perfect solution for you. 

Our lash serum is the perfect lash enhancer to use in-between salon visits, which, to be honest, has now been a lot longer than normal these days!

Can You Use Lash Serum With Extensions?

Whether you get eyelash extensions or not, lash serum can help protect, nourish, and strengthen your lashes. Even if we weren’t in lockdown, many of us love taking a break from our extensions from time to time. For this reason, our lash serum is perfect. Not only does it protect your lashes while you have extensions, but it also helps them grow long enough so that you don’t need to get extensions again.

Extensions can sometimes damage the hair follicle. If they’re misplaced, you’re not taking a break, or you simply have a bad technician, the damage can cause the lashes to break and weaken. Using a lash serum helps strengthen your lashes, so they’re less likely to snap. It also means you’ll have a lovely set of lashes and lash length once your extensions fall off.

Our girl, Bonnie of Oz Beauty Expert, has shared her secret and success on how CanGro’s Long Lashes and Bold Brows serums helped her. 

CanGro Results

We’ve had excellent results with our CanGro Long Lashes serum. You will notice a difference within 4-8 weeks, and by the 12-week mark, your lashes will be so long and full that you can cancel your appointment with your lash technician.

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The best thing about our CanGro Long Lashes serum are:

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