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While many businesses have seen sales plummet due to the current economic and health situation, one Australian beauty brand has seen an unexpected massive sales spike in recent weeks. 

Cangro - which is known for its eyelash and brow growth serums - has seen an 88 per cent rise in sales of their products over the past couple of months - and it's all because of the changing way that people are shopping.

'We have seen an increase in online sales of 88 per cent - so almost double - in the past few weeks, and it's growing daily,' co-founder Felecia Tappenden, from Sydney's Northern Beaches, told FEMAIL.

'It has been our biggest month of sales since we launched nearly three years ago excluding sale periods.' 

Felicia said that she and her co-founder Belinda Robinson had seen 'so many stories' about how coronavirus had negatively affected businesses, that she was 'sure that was going to be us'.

'After sifting through the data and feedback from customers, we realised we were actually benefitting from people choosing to stay at home as it has led to an increase in online browsing,' Belinda said.

'Our traffic and website session durations have increased, paired with the feedback from customers and retailers, proves to us that customers are still wanting to make purchases and that they are now using that additional spare time to browse online at home.'

The pair also said the fact that people are increasingly looking to products that are made in Australia has helped.

'We've noticed an increase in customers specifically reaching out to confirm the products' origins as well as where the product is being sent from,' Felecia said.

This confirmed to the businesswomen that people are no longer just concerned about personal interactions, but about the possibility of spreading the virus through products too.

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