Scalp Massage Brush


Achieve a healthier scalp with our scalp stimulating brush!

Massage your way to a healthier scalp with our Hero Hair Scalp Brush. Our silicone scalp brush exfoliates buildup and cleanses your scalp to promote hair growth, eliminate dandruff, and help with scalp troubles. Its smooth silicone bristles help exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities while stimulating blood flow for a healthier scalp.

Enjoy a soothing, invigorating scalp massage with this amazing scalp brush!


- Promotes hair growth
- Lifts scalp buildup
- Controls dandruff
-Relieves itchiness
- Makes hair stronger and healthier
- Helps lather up shampoo
- Massage in our Hero Hair Growth Serum or Booster


Silicone bristles and plastic base. Made in POC.


Use our Hero Hair Scalp Brush each time you cleanse your hair. See how your scalp feels after using your scalp brush a few times a week. If it feels tender, hold off a little longer between brushings.


In the shower, wet your hair and apply your shampoo or cleanser through your hair. Massage your head in small, circular motions with the silicone scalp brush to work the product through your hair and scalp. Scrub your head with enough pressure to massage thoroughly and loosen dry skin. While rinsing, continue to scrub to remove excess product and stubborn impurities. Finally, brush from root to end to remove everything off your hair.


On dry hair, massage your scalp in small, circular motions with the scalp stimulating brush. Don’t try to brush through your hair from roots to ends because the scalp brush cannot replace a traditional hairbrush. Use gentle movements and light pressure on the scalp. You can also massage in our Hero Hair Growth Serum or Booster.


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As a gentle reminder, please make sure you apply your products as per the instructions on the box, otherwise you won’t achieve the results you are after. Most of our products take 4 to 8 weeks to start working with best results seen after 12 weeks.

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