Lash serums come in all shapes and sizes. Consequently, there are varying degrees of results from using growth serums. Some do well, but others cause irritation, itchiness and inflammation. None of which you’d want on your eyelids.

Famous prescription brands have remarkable results, but at what cost? 

Using a medication that contains hormones or one that is used for those with glaucoma can be questionable. It is a personal choice, but some people are rightly wary.

Synthetic hormones can cause all manner of issues in our bodies. We are aware of those little endocrine disruptors sitting firmly in our shampoo bottles. As a nation, we are much more educated on the potential carcinogenic effects of high street beauty products.

But in the quest for longer lashes, it is understandable that many people are willing to try anything. With Long Lashes eyelash enhancer, you don’t need to. Our brand is one with ethics firmly at its core. We are a cruelty-free, natural and vegan brand whose products are naturally-derived and healthy to use. There is no prostaglandins insight - we simply harness the power of science to deliver results. Results are what you will certainly see in twelve weeks’ time. We don’t offer a quick fix; we believe in nourishing the follicles from within and the results will be evident in as little as a month. After twelve weeks, your lashes will be noticeably longer and thicker.

Long Lashes eyelash enhancer will benefit anyone that wants fuller, longer and darker lashes. It can also be used with extensions, providing a protective barrier and strengthening the hair follicle. It is also an amazing product for those that have short, stumpy eyelashes, have sparse lashes, lash loss due to hormonal changes, and damaged lashes. It is prostaglandin-free, meaning that it is free from any hormones that are used to stimulate growth, but that can bring about secondary problems. 

Science-based Natural Growth

Our serums contain a mix of peptides that help strengthen and nourish the follicles and growing lashes. This means that new lashes grow in stronger, less brittle, and longer. Niacinamide is also included. Niacinamide is vitamin B3 and is a dermatologist’s new best friend. Not only is it great for your skin, but it’s also great for hair and lashes health.

Niacinamide increases blood supply to the follicles, increasing cell turnover, and thus, helping stimulate lash growth. It also plays a role in synthesising the protein, keratin, which plays a big part in lash growth.

Think of the peptides as the building blocks of the lashes; they strengthen, condition and can add shine. Over time, the strengthening and conditioning aid with growth; the lashes simply don’t snap off. The addition of hyaluronic acid helps nourish and add moisture to the lashes so that they’re protected from additional breakage.

Lash serums can offer excellent growth and results when applied correctly and over a period of time. 

No Toxins and Perfect for Sensitive Skin

There are many things that make CanGro’s Long Lashes Serum great, but one, in particular, is that our founders needed a lash serum for sensitive eyelids

Eyelash serums can make eyes water, irritate and cause inflammation, and that is certainly something you do not want when you’re trying to grow your lashes. With Long Lashes, they’re perfect for sensitive peepers and it doesn’t irritate the skin.

Think of your eyelash serum as a vitamin infusion to each lash. The serum contains the peptides and nutrients needed to help strengthen and grow your lashes, just like popping a vitamin C tablet when you have a cold coming helps restore you to health.

We lose lashes, and our lashes become brittle when we don’t take care of them. We rub our peepers, leave our make-up on them, and use harsh products that strip them of any protection when we clean our eyes. No wonder they become brittle at times.

If we apply the same amount of time and energy to feeding our lashes as we do our skin, we would have amazing results. With Long Lashes, it’s important to apply the product to clean and dry lashes, using mild make-up remover. This way it won’t strip the natural oils from the skin. Once done, use some warm water to wash the rest of the area and dry with a soft towel. Wait a few minutes and apply the serum along the lash line. It’s that simple.

Over the next few weeks, you will see the difference in the health of your eyelashes. You may not see a remarkable amount of growth for a month or so, but your lashes will look better and healthier, showing you that the product is doing what it says it will; providing food for growth.

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